Welcome to the Boinx Blackbird Watching!

You are looking at a nest of "common blackbirds" which was located in Leoben, Austria (that one in Europe! ;-) ) which we streamed live for a couple of weeks 24/7. The female (we named her "Marge") started to build the nest on 1st of May 2016. For two or three days she was building the nest. After some days the first egg appeared. On 21th the chicks "Bart" and "Lisa" hatched. "Maggie" and "Matt" followed the day after. At the beginning the male "Homer" didn't helped at all but later on it was feeding the chicks along with Marge. After a couple of weeks watching the Simpsons family inside the nest and outside of the nest we hope that they will have a long and healthy life!

If you're curious how the live stream was produced, please read this post about setting up the live stream and installing the night vision facilities.

Nest Finished, Marge Gone

In about three days Marge was able to build this wonderful nest! Unfortunately she left it in the afternoon and wasn’t seen since then. Hopefully we didn’t disturb her too much by being in the garden.

Streaming It All Live

  Today I decided to stream the action happening in our backyard live to the internet. As we are the developer of mimoLive it was a no brainer how to do this: First I installed the AXIS IP Camera to capture the bird breeding and transmitting the video footage to my home office’s desk. mimoLive is
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Building The Nest

  I realized a bird hopping in the wood planks of our terrace roof dropping little branches. Obviously it wanted to build a nest. But the little branches always slid down to the floor when the bird flew away. So I decided to help out with a “Nest Starter Kit”: I created a bigger circle of
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