Hey dad, show us the world!

  Its been a long time I posted some news on the Simpsons family. I am happy to report that they are still around in our garden! Marge and Homer still protect their chicks from other black birds, or call them with the emergency peep into a nearby bush. Now and then, a little one can be
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First days in freedom

  For the first few days the family stays together in the garden. The chicks come after their parents in order to beg for food. Now Homer is in charge catching worms in the grass more than Marge.  

Fledging day!

This morning only one chick was still sitting in the nest! The other three can be seen in the garden and the bushes calling for food. Homer didn’t forget about the last one and is still coming to the nest with a worm. Eventually the last one jumped into the next stage of its life. Hopefully
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Leaving so soon?

The chicks get curious about the environment: They hop outside the protective nest, looking down at bottom and eventually climbing back to their siblings. I guess it won’t take any longer and they are going to leave the nest and never come back.

Growing fast, really fast!

It is really amazing how fast the little ones are growing. Unbelievable that this only happens through worms! Marge and Homer are constantly bringing lots of food, sometimes at the same time.

No Space Left

I guess its not too long in the future that the Simpsons family will left the nest: There is no space left here. The chicks are already training their full feathered wings. One is shoveling the other. For us it will be a sad moment. For them it will be the next big step.

Emergency Peep

  Today I observed a certain behavior of the Simpsons family: I approached the nest in order to take some pictures. The chicks were putting out there little heads in the hope for more food. Homer spotted me and gave a short and low peep. Immediately the chicks pulled back their heads and kept quiet. Homer watched
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Feather Tubes

Now that we are back from our trip we can actually see into the nest and it is very astonishing how big Bart, Lisa, Maggie and Matt were grown in that short period of time! If you are looking close to the feathers you can see that they are growing out of tubes just like
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Letting them grow

  We are going on a four day trip and need to leave the Simpsons family behind. Hopefully we will see them all again when we will come back! Oh, wait… there is a live stream! 🙂

Chicken Wings

  Todays peek into the nest reveals that the chicks are still blind. However one can see the feathers coming out of the wings already. These days Marge gets lots of support by Homer who carries lot of worms to the nest to feed the chicks.