May 2016

Emergency Peep

  Today I observed a certain behavior of the Simpsons family: I approached the nest in order to take some pictures. The chicks were putting out there little heads in the hope for more food. Homer spotted me and gave a short and low peep. Immediately the chicks pulled back their heads and kept quiet. Homer watched
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Feather Tubes

Now that we are back from our trip we can actually see into the nest and it is very astonishing how big Bart, Lisa, Maggie and Matt were grown in that short period of time! If you are looking close to the feathers you can see that they are growing out of tubes just like
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Letting them grow

  We are going on a four day trip and need to leave the Simpsons family behind. Hopefully we will see them all again when we will come back! Oh, wait… there is a live stream! 🙂

Chicken Wings

  Todays peek into the nest reveals that the chicks are still blind. However one can see the feathers coming out of the wings already. These days Marge gets lots of support by Homer who carries lot of worms to the nest to feed the chicks.    

Lesson learned

Last evening I tried to install a mirror to be able to capture the nest more from above. The Construction was not too bad however the problem was that Marge didn’t liked it. I think because the selfie stick reached too far into the nest. She left for a long time and I got worried about the chicks. So
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Maggie and Matt

Guess what? The Simpsons Family is complete! Today we welcome Maggie and Matt (named after the Simpsons creator Matt Groening)! Unfortunately the chicks are so small that they don’t reach to the nest rim and so they currently not showing up in the live stream. Currently I have no feasible idea how to solve this problem. The
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Warm and cosy

The hatching day is getting closer and closer! Time for more science: I borrowed a Flir thermal camera for the iPhone from a friend and took some pictures to document the temperature of the nest and the eggs. The outside temperature is about 8°C (46°F). The nest from the outside has 10°C (50°F) but inside the eggs are at a
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Homer risked a peek

Today at 3:55 pm we spotted “Homer”, the male blackbird, at the nest the first time. Just for a minute he peeked into it and looked around. “Marge”, the female, came back and showed him the door immediately.    

Night Vision

  At the beginning of this adventure “Marge” the blackbird wasn’t at home in the night times. So it wasn’t very annoying to see only a black screen. But now that she has four eggs in her nest she keeps them worm at night. The AXIS IP Camera we are using to capture the scene
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